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Broadhempston Village Primary School

Class 1


Welcome to Class 1!


We are all smarties and have made some class rules that we will follow. Have a look at what we decided our golden rules would be:


Class 1’s Golden Rules!

We will come to school with a smile!

We will try to be kind and help everyone.

We will listen carefully to each other.

We will follow instructions sensibly.

We will play nicely with each other and share.

When we are on the carpet, we will sit smartly with our legs crossed.

We will try to remember to put up our hand up.

We will try to do our best with everything.

Weekly Newsletter 

9th March 2018

This week in Literacy we have looked at the structure of a set of instructions. We have done lots of shared writing on how to write up a set of instructions using our class story plan on How to Wash a Hairy Chimpanzee. Next week the children will choose their own animal to write about.

In maths year 1’s have looked at measuring and comparing mass. We have measured using lots of different things such as water, sand and sugar using mathematical language to describe what they see. Receptions have being doing lots of addition. We have been adding 1 and 2 to 1 digit numbers using a number line to help us and also looking at our number bonds to 10 again.

Science this week involved finding out all about mammals. We found out that they have live young, produce milk for their young and have fur/hair on their bodies. We looked at lots of different animals and decided whether they were mammals or not.

For ICT we programmed our Beebots to take a specific path to get to the end of the maze. They were brilliant at this and really enjoyed watching their Beebot moving closer to their target.


Athletots after school club is starting on Tuesday 13th March 3.30-4.30 for those who want to attend and have handed their forms in to the office. There is no need to pick up your child and we will give them a snack before they start.


Something related to dinosaurs and/or fossils. This can be anything you want. You could make a dinosaur habitat out of junk modelling, write a dinosaur story, go fossil hunting, find out some facts etc. If you have any questions about this just ask. Well done to those getting full marks this week in spellings. Next week spellings will be tested on Friday (16th March).

Please could you encourage your child to read both independently and with you as much as possible and practice their personalised spellings. It is recommended children read for 5/10 minutes a day. Please make sure all reading books and records are in school every day.

Many thanks for your support! Miss Simpson


Literacy and Phonics


In Class 1 we follow Letters and Sounds. This gives children a fantastic start and we ensure all the children are reading appropriate books to their ability. Reading at home helps your child improve their reading and writing skills dramatically and I thank you for your support in reading with your child every day. 


As well as our Letters and Sounds lesson we have daily literacy lessons. We follow sequences using books to help hook the children and really enjoy their writing. Keep an eye on here for the latest sequence! 





A strange thing happened in Class 1 today! We found carrots stuck to the walls with plasters, cucumbers wrapped in toilet roll and broccoli with silly faces drawn on! We couldn't find any clues as to how it had happened so we are warning the other vegetables of the possible danger they face by creating warning posters. 





We have received a letter from the Evil Peas. They have taken our fruit and vegetables hostage and trapped them under a shopping basket. The children have written reward posters for anyone who can find the Evil Peas. 




Supertato has come to the rescue and caught the Evil Peas! We found Supertato's story book and read it together. The children then made their own stories about the Evil Peas creating new characters and a new superhero. 



We use White Rose Maths to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. We make our maths lessons fun, engaging and practical. 

Picture 1 How many blocks tall are you?
Picture 2 Longer than a metre, shorter than a metre!
Picture 3 Making symmetrical patterns

Autumn Term


Our topic this half term is 'All About Me'. 

Exciting things we have got up to!

Picture 1 Our trip to the Life of Dartmoor Museum where we found out about what life was like on Dartmoor in the past.
Picture 1 We enjoyed cooking and learning about what we should eat to stay healthy.
Picture 1 We have been labeling the parts of our body.

Forest School

 Forest School 1 Making a 'leaf angel'.
 Forest School 2 Creating Autumn pictures.



Autumn Term

Our topic this term is Houses and Homes! 


We have done lots of exciting things in our Houses and Homes topic. We have recorded our journey to school using landmarks to help us. We have designed wallpaper for our shoe box homes. We then became interior designers and designed our shoe box houses and made them. They look amazing on our wall in the classroom! 

We have also looked at different types of houses. We went for a walk around the village to see what different types of houses we could see and the features on the houses. We looked out for different styles of houses and their features on our school trip to a building site and they amazed the staff at how much they knew.

We have made postcards to ourselves about our holidays. We addressed this to our homes and learnt about the importance of an address and how it unique to each persons home so the postman knows where to deliver all your things.


Redrow building site trip!

Redrow building site trip! 1
Redrow building site trip! 2
Redrow building site trip! 3

Fabulous things we have got up to! 


For our houses and homes topic we have had a walk around the village to see what different kind for houses we could find. We found bungalows, terrace houses, detached and semi detached houses as well as cottages.The children were fantastic at spotting them. 


We have made a start on our very own shoes box houses by printing our repeating pattern wallpaper and sticking them onto our feature wall in our boxes.They are all looking fabulous! 


We are all very excited about our trip to the building site. Parents- please remember to hand in your slip and money into the office. Many thanks! 

We have looked at what it means by shiny and dull. The children could all organise objects into whether they were shiny or dull. They weren't fooled by the scissors and flask that had both shiny and dull parts to them so they put them in the middle! 
Picture 1

We found out what material was best to make an umbrella out of!

We found out what material was best to make an umbrella out of! 1
We found out what material was best to make an umbrella out of! 2


This term our topic is Travel and Transport!


We have started our new topic off with a BANG! We have learnt about Space and designed some rockets ready to make! We have also created a story map and performance in literacy for 'The Train Ride' which all the children are fantastic at!



We are making our rockets!

We are making our rockets! 1

We enjoy our free choosing time!

We enjoy our free choosing time! 1
We enjoy our free choosing time! 2
We enjoy our free choosing time! 3

Even our Bee'bots are getting Involved with our Travel and Transport topic!

Even our Bee'bots are getting Involved with our Travel and Transport topic!  1

Summer term!

This term our topic is 'Nature Detectives'

In our first week back we shared what we knew about plants and animal already. We then looked at lots of different flowers and began to name the different parts. The children drew some amazing sunflowers!


We then become proper nature detectives during our trip to the Beacon where we discovered lots of different flowers, trees and animals. We are really looking forward to discovering more about them when we go back.