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Members of Governing Body


Lot Sutcliffe was brought up in Forder Green where he and his brother Simon farmed until 1989 when they converted most of the land (200 acres) to mixed woodland. This area is now open to the public. His eldest son started school at Broadhempston in 1968. In 1974 he was appointed a School manager by the parish council. He has been a Governor ever since and held the position of Chair for many years.


Chris Tickle has lived in Broadhempston for over 25 years. Both his children attended the school and he was first a Parent Governor and then a Devon County Governor from 1992 to 1999. In 2010 he retired from a management role in a large pharmaceutical company, and rejoined the Governing Body in 2014 to support the school when it left the Totnes Federation of Village Schools.


Vicky Stevens came to live in Broadhempston 33 years ago. Both her children attended the school and she was first a member of the PTFA, then became a Governor . During the federation she remained on the Senior Council. She has taught Classics and English at secondary and University level as well as research. Her interests are in the arts and in environmental issues.


David Fearon has lived in Broadhempston for 5 years.  Both of his children attend the school and he has been a Parent Governor since 2015.  He has served for 15 years as a Royal Navy Weapon Engineer Officer in roles including engineering management, leadership, engineering specialist and operations training education, procurement and project management.  He is currently studying for a Masters in Business Administration.  He enjoys the outdoors and his hobbies include sailing, skiing and mountaineering.



Governors play an active role in the life of the school and support the Head teacher when making key strategic decisions.  The Governing Body is split into 2 committees. Finance, Personnel & Premises (F,P &P) and Teaching & Learning. Each Committee meet once every half term, with the Full Governing Body meeting once every half term.


The members of the Full Governing Body and the Committees they sit on are as follows:


Chair/LA Governor:                                      Mrs Vicky Stevens  (F, P & P)


Vice Chair/Co-opted Governor:                     Mr Chris Tickle (F,P & P)


Head teacher:                                             Mr Roger Clarke (F,P & P and T & L)


Parent Governors:                                       Mr David Fearon (F, P & P) + Vacant Parent Governor


Co-opted Governors:                                    Mr Lot Sutcliffe (F, P & P), Mrs Linda Mitchell (T & L),

Mr Alexander McFeat


Staff Governor:                                           Mr Daniel Turner 


Clerk:                                                         Mr Peter Osborne


Please contact the governors via . All emails will be treated in confidence.

  Type of Governor Appointing Body Office Term Lead Governor for Registered interests
Vicky Stevens LA Governor LA Chair 04.03.15 04.03.19   None
Chris Tickle Co-opted Governors Vice Chair 04.03.15-04.03.19  Data and Headteacher Appraisal  None
Roger Clarke Headteacher Ex officio   04.03.15-04.03.19   None
Lot Sutcliffe Co-opted Governors   04.03.15-04.03.19  Health & Safety/Premises None
Linda Mitchell Co-opted Governors   21.09.2016 - 21.09.2020 Data and Headteacher Appraisal  None
David Fearon Parent Elected by Parent   04.03.15-04.03.19  Finance None
Alexander McFeat Co - opted Governors   21.09.2016-21.09.2020   None
Daniel Turner Staff Elected by Staff   21.09.2016-21.09.2020   None