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Broadhempston Village Primary School

School Sport

School Games Gold Award


The school was recently award the School Games Gold Kitemark for outstanding committment to and delivery of school sport, including competitions, after school clubs and opportunities for children to engage in sport in a range of different ways.

Only a very small number of schools in the country are awarded the Gold award with the award being independently verified by Sheffield Hallam University following an inspection visit to school.

This is yet another outstanding achievement for the school which again could only be achieved by the enthusiasm, deidcation and talent of the children across all areas of school sport and PE. 


PE, Active Playtimes and School Sport


At Broadhempston we encourage all of our children to be sporty, active and healthy in many different ways. This includes a commitment to delivering high quality physical education lessons for every child, daily opportunities for children to engage in active playtimes, a range of opportunities for children to represent the school in competitive sport events and up to 3 sport-based after-school clubs per term.


The school is part of the Dartmoor School Sport Partnership which offers an extensive range of sports festivals and competitions for all ages. We also have club-school links with a number of local community clubs covering many different sports.


You can keep up to date with the latest news by following our blog on the "Your School Games" website - follow the link below






Physical Education


Every child receives an average of 2 hours PE every week, with a PE syllabus that includes the following areas

  • Team invasion games (e.g. netball, handball, tag ruby and football)
  • Striking and fielding games (e.g. cricket, rounders and dartmoor 3-ball)
  • Net and wall games (e.g. tennis, volleyball and badminton)
  • Athletics
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor and adventurous activties (e.g. orienteering, climbing, kayaking)

In addition, children have opportunity to try new and 'unusual' sports on an occasional basis - for example tri-golf, crolf or ultimate frisbee.

Active Playtimes


Subject to weather, the children spend all of their recreation time at Kings Close playground. Here they are able to play on a range of equipment including swings, monkey bars and climbing frames.


Following suggestions from our Pupil Forum, there is now a "focus sport" run on the playground during break and lunch times. This changes each day and includes different activities allowing children to develop their fitness, skills and game play. Older children act as leaders to organise the equipment, arrange teams and officiate. All children who wish to participate are able to do so, irrespective of age or ability.

School Sport


Broadhempston takes part in a number of inter-school competitions each term covering a wide range of sports. Emphasis is placed on both achievement and participation, with all children in Key Stage 2 being given the opportunity to represent the school on several occasions during the year.


The school has enjoyed much success with sports teams, and in recent years we have achieved the following:


  • Y3/4 Mini Tennis Partnership finalists 2015
  • Y3/4 Tri-Golf County finals 6th place 2015
  • Y5/6 Golf Super 6s County finals 8th Place 2015
  • Y5/6 Orienteering County finals 4th Place 2015
  • Y5/6 Quicksticks South Dartmoor Partnership Finals 3rd place 2015.
  • South Dartmoor Partnership Swimming Gala runners up 2015
  • KEVICC learning community Y5/6 Tag Rugby tournament winners 2015
  • KEVICC learning community Y3/4 and Y5/6 Handball tournament winners 2015
  • Dart Hockey Club Schools League (Cup and Plate competitions) runners up in both competitions 2015
  • South Dartmoor Partnership Cross Country Y5/6 Team Runners Up 2015;
    Individual Winner and Runner Up 2014 and 2015
  • South Dartmoor Partnership Finals Girls Cricket 4th place 2015


In addition, we actively involve older children in the management and organisation of School Games events where possible. This includes, for example, Year 5/6 children acting as team managers for Y3/4 inter-school competitions and also organising and refereeing intra-school competitions as part of PE and after-school clubs.


"Spirit of the Games" Awards


In 2014/15, the School Games Organisers introduced a new set of awards for recognising those children who embody the values that competitive school sport aims to promote.

All School Games events promote 6 "values" as follows

  • Teamwork
  • Passion
  • Honesty
  • Determination
  • Self Belief
  • Respect


Since the start of 2015, event organisers, young leaders, team managers and competitors are involved in identifying teams or individuals at every School Sport event who they feel should be rewarded for the way in which they participate in competitive sport.

At Broadhempston School, we feel that these awards are extremely prestigious and ultimately winning one of these awards is more significant than winning a competition.


We are delighted that the following teams or individual children have received "Spirit of the Games" awards...

  • Y5/6 Super 6s Golf Team at the Dartmoor Partnership Finals
  • Y5/6 Super 6s Golf Team at the Devon County Finals
  • Perdi Piercy as part of the Y5/6 Girls Cricket Team at the Dartmoor Partnership Finals
  • Amelie Westhauser-Ruttinger as part of the Y3/4 Tri-Golf Team at the Devon County Finals
  • Katie Kies as part of the Y5/6 Orienteering Team at the Devon County Finals



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