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Broadhempston Village Primary School

Visions and Values

Our school is a small, friendly community, which offers a personal welcome to children and parents alike. We are proud of the achievements of our children and of the special things we can offer in a small school environment.

We aim to have a group of happy, relaxed and hardworking children at Broadhempston School. We will help each child develop personal qualities which will be valued at home, play and work and prepare them to make the most of the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities they will encounter as they get older.

We want to help them grow with increasing independence towards adulthood when they will be able to contribute purposefully to society.

Each child is unique. We will value them as individuals and help them to discover themselves, their abilities, interests, special aptitudes and areas for development. Each child will achieve different levels of attainment in all areas of school activity, and we will set the highest levels for each child to help them achieve their full potential.

Broadhempston School belongs to our children; we are here to teach, motivate, inspire and guide them. We strive to serve as models for them in our attitudes and actions and to show professionalism through our dedication, study, united approach and our own personal development.

The school aims to provide a safe, happy, caring and well-ordered environment in which learning can take place and where each child is valued as an individual. To achieve this, the school gives a sense of purpose to all the activities that take place there.