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Broadhempston Village Primary School


Curriculum Statement




  • to provide an enriching and challenging curriculum which will inspire a passion for different subjects


  • to maintain individual Teaching and Learning Policies within the school while following current government curriculum guidelines


  • to embody rigour and high standards and create coherence in what is taught in our school


  • to ensure that all children have the opportunity to acquire a core of essential knowledge in the key subject disciplines and develop learning skills and personal qualities


  • beyond that, to allow teachers the freedom to use their professionalism and expertise in order to help all children realise their potential


  • to enable parents to understand what their children should be learning throughout their school career so that they can support them


  • to provide a curriculum which acts as a benchmark for the school and to help young people to move confidently through their education, taking into account the needs of different groups including the most able and pupils with special educational needs and disabilities( SEND)


  • to provide regular reports on pupil progress both in written form and at Parents' Evenings


  • to maintain a sensitivity to the individual ethos of the school when planning the curriculum


  • to strive to give children the opportunity for cross-curricular activities within the school, whether it be in a sporting/cultural capacity, or in the classroom, if this is deemed appropriate/ manageable


  • to encourage the children to become lifelong and independent learners and able to respond positively to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.




5* Pledge


  1. All children will have the opportunity to create an outdoor fire and cook something on it
  2. All children will have the opportunity to meet an inspirational person
  3. All children will have the opportunity to take part and compete in a sporting event
  4. All children will have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience
  5. All children will have the opportunity to see our forest in every season of every year

Year 4, 5 and 6 Curriculum Plan (3 Year Rolling)

Year 2 and 3 Curriculum Plan - 2 year rolling

EYFS and Year 1 curriculum plan - 2 year rolling

Phonics in our School


At Broadhempston Primary School we follow Letters and Sounds using Phonics play resources. We believe that this approach gives children a fantastic start and allows us to ensure all the children are reading appropriate books for their ability.  


As well as our Letters and Sounds lesson we have daily literacy lessons. We follow sequences using books to help hook the children and as an impact see children enjoying their writing time. 


Current reading schemes used in school are:


  • Oxford Reading Tree,
  • Usborne
  • Collins
  • Songbirds
  • Project X
  • Rigby Star
  • Phonics Bug


There is an extensive range of free reading material available for all children in each classroom.


Science at Broadhempston School

Modern Foreign Languages


At Broadhempston Village Primary School all children in KS2 have a weekly French lesson. To see what skills they are being taught and what they should be able to do please see the MfL skills progression document below.