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Curriculum Statement







At Broadhempston Primary School, our intent is for pupils to achieve the highest possible progress and outcomes within each subject through the provision of a curriculum that is broad, balanced and rich in experiential learning.  We have developed a 2/3 year rolling curriculum based on the National Curriculum, the EYFS curriculum, Devon and Torbay RE syllabus, PSHE/SRE curriculum and our Five Core Offer. 

We provide an education enriched by our core values; community, creativity, courage, kindness, respect and trust. Through our curriculum design, our learners are given opportunities to become independent, collaborative, creative learners who have the confidence to seek answers and nurture a love of learning. 

Our curriculum is aspirational and enriched by a wide range of opportunities, living out our Trust vision of ‘Small Schools, Big Opportunities’.  To achieve this, we have organised our curriculum in a logical and sequential manner.


Our aims are:


  • to provide an enriching and challenging curriculum which will inspire a passion for different subjects
  • to maintain individual Teaching and Learning Policies within the school while following current government curriculum guidelines 
  • to embody rigour and high standards and create coherence in what is taught in our school
  • to ensure that all children have the opportunity to acquire a core of essential knowledge in the key subject disciplines and develop learning skills and personal qualities
  • to allow teachers the freedom to use their professionalism and expertise in order to help all children realise their potential
  • to enable parents to understand what their children should be learning throughout their school career so that they can support them
  • to provide a curriculum which acts as a benchmark for the school and to help young people to move confidently through their education, taking into account the needs of different groups including the most able and pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)
  • to provide regular reports on pupil progress both in written form and at Parents' Evenings
  • to maintain a sensitivity to the individual ethos of the school when planning the curriculum
  • to strive to give children the opportunity for cross-curricular activities within the school, whether it be in a sporting/cultural capacity, or in the classroom, if this is deemed appropriate/ manageable
  • to encourage the children to become lifelong and independent learners and able to respond positively to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


A Five Star Core Offer

During their time in our school, children will be offered the opportunity to:

Create an outdoor fire and cook something on it

Meet an inspirational person

Have the opportunity to take part and compete in a sporting event

Have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience

See our forest school in every season.


We believe that a broad, balanced, creative curriculum will enable children to flourish. With this in mind we have implemented a programme of enriching activities, visits and memorable experiences which underpin our five star core offer



Experience events linked to the local community: 

Harvest, Christmas Nativity, Carol Concert, Easter Celebration, Summer performance and our Leavers Assembly. 

Additional curriculum weeks/days

Science Week

Activities Week


Throughout their time at Broadhempston our children will have the opportunity to take part in many sports, whether that is in P.E or as part of our extra curricular offering. Some of these sports are: cyclo cross, cross-country, tag rugby, handball, basketball, athletics, cricket, hockey, paddle boarding, kayaking and snow boarding.


Wider opportunities: our children will have regular opportunities in music. These may come from lessons with their peers, individual peripatetic lessons (guitar and singing), after school choir club or rehearsals and preparation for our Carol Concert, Christmas Performance and Summer Performance.

Class assemblies

Parents are invited to attend one class assembly per year as well as an Open Afternoon, where they can look around the school and talk to the children about their learning. The whole school will also invite parents/stakeholders to our yearly Celebration of Music; an assembly where the children perform.

Individual class enrichment opportunities

Class 1 EFS and Year 1

Class 2 Years 2&3

Class 3 & 4 Years 4, 5 & 6

Farm visit


Visit a museum


Attend Forest School


Visit a building site






Forest School sessions


Local trips related to topics being taught e.g. local fire station


Visit a zoo


Attended Activities Week


Experience an adventurous activity 


Cook food and prepare drinks on an open fire


Experience a museum trip 


Plant a tree in the local community


Attend a residential on Dartmoor offering a number of challenging experiences


Plan and run an enterprise project~ including designing, making & sales- money raised for a charity of the children’s choice


Experience an adventurous activity


Make chocolate in a food preparation kitchen



Together with, and underpinning our core offer, we ensure that our curriculum has its roots in basic skills. Our teaching of reading is well established and we have systems in place for ensuring that children secure basic skills at the earliest point possible. We teach writing through the Talk for Writing approach and use Phonics Play (Letters and Sounds) and No-nonsense Grammar and Spelling Shed to support skills children need to acquire. Alongside this staff ‘forensically’ analyse children’s written work to enable focussed targets, which result in accelerated progress.

Our maths teaching is through a mastery approach. The children are exposed to discussions, vocabulary and CAPED (check it, another way (show), prove it, explain, draw your learning). This ensures children’s understanding of new concepts is both secure and challenged.

The core curriculum at Broadhempston is of a high standard and supports our creativity. It focuses on the necessary priorities for ensuring that all pupils make excellent progress in reading, writing and maths. It allows for progress within all groups of children across the school and results in high standards.




Our Early Years curriculum is designed with the characteristics of effective learning and development matters at its core. Beyond EYFS the curriculum ensures coverage of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. The school’s curriculum builds on pupils’ prior learning and develops deep understanding of the material covered, introduces subject content progressively and constantly demands more of pupils embedding reading, writing and communication, and maths where appropriate, across all subjects. We aim to develop pupils who love the challenge of learning, are resilient to failure and are curious to seek out new information to deepen knowledge, understanding and skills.

The curriculum was designed with consideration of our staff and their varying experiences and skills, our children’s passions and interests and the passions of our families who often share their expertise with us. It was built with the local surroundings in mind; which are vast and interesting.

Our two-year/three year programme, created in 2019/2020, was supported by the responses from questionnaires for staff and children and discussion with our stakeholders. We are ambitious and want to create successful and enjoyable topics that allow for a broad and balanced approach.


Long and medium term planning 

Please see class pages for long and medium term planning


Medium term planning

Completed by all teachers and involves ensuring coverage of both the national curriculum objectives and the key skills that we want the children to develop. These detail the starting points for all topics, show how it will develop and outline any significant outcomes. These documents use the format below, are entirely for the use of teaching staff, and become a starting point for short-term plans.



Length of time:

Big question: 

Hook /enrichment: 

Desired outcome:

Key learning Outcome for theme


Maths links

Key vocabulary

National curriculum objectives



National curriculum key skills











Elicitation Task: linked to big question

Other subjects not linked to this topic

National curriculum key skills



Maths links

Key vocabulary



Other events/weeks:


Parents are kept well informed about what their children will be learning each term. Learning maps are created to share our intentions. These are available on our website or in paper form.


We strive for the impact of our curriculum to be…

Excellent standards

  • Pupils make expected or better than expected progress, according to their baseline and national testing
  • Pupils have aspirations and high expectations of themselves  they reach for the stars

Exceptional behaviour and attitudes

  • Excellent learning behaviours and attitudes - to school life and beyond
  • Ability to manage risk, conflict and uncertainty
  • Aspirational, independent and inquisitive learners
  • Building a toolkit of life skills, including a growth mindset and our school values.

Personal Development

  • Pupil wellbeing monitored and developed
  • Mental Health supported
  • Developing sense of ‘wow moments’ and spirituality
  • Happy, healthy pupils