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Broadhempston Village Primary School

Eco Council

Eco Committee 2022 - 2023

The Eco Committee have decided to work on these 3 areas this year:

  • biodiversity
  • school grounds
  • marine

Planting daffodil bulbs linking in with our SCHOOL GROUNDS theme.

Planet and People workshop linking to our theme of SCHOOL GROUNDS.

Last week, the whole school took part in a Planet Action Workshop which looked at how the natural world impacts our minds. In the classroom, the children looked at a scientific study which showed the value of time spent outside for boosting problem solving and other thinking skills. They then took part in an experiment to see how their ability to concentrate changed with different background noises. They then spent lots of time outside making up activities and games designed to address specific wellbeing challenges that they might face such as making friends, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed.

Oak class live lessons, learning about the effect of climate change on the oceans linking in with our MARINE theme.

Broadhempston Village School Eco Code

Our achievements this year 2021 - 2022

Eco Council Meeting Minutes


Time and Date of Meeting 

6th April 22 - 12.30pm


Eco-Committee members present : 

George, Eliza, Poppy, Sumner, Barnaby, Tilly, Toby, Niamh,Lyla 


Eco-Committee members not present:-



What was discussed?

Review of Action Plan 

Fairtrade Activities - Going well

We will remind Willow Class to watch the News regularly

Composting Bins have been ordered


Next Steps


Organise Fairtrade Assembly.  Toby 

Toby to plan Marine Assembly

Start taking caddy from lunch hall to bins

All Committee to remind rest of the school about recycling 


Meeting closed at 12.50pm


Date of Next Meeting to be advised 


Meeting Minutes 


Time and Date of Meeting 


1/12/21  - 12.30pm 


Eco-Committee Members Present 


Barnaby, George, Ellen, Poppy, Lyla Rose, Niamh, Sumner, Tilly, Amie, Toby, Eliza 


What we discussed 


We discussed actions on global citizenship, marine and waste 

We started to develop an action plan


Next Steps 


Meet with Years 4,5 and 6 to discuss the aims and how long it will take and who will monitor this. 


Date and Time of Next Meeting 


Tuesday7th December Years 4,5 and 6 

Sycamore Classroom




Broadhempston School Eco Code