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Broadhempston Village Primary School


Broadhempston School operates a house system which is used to organise the children for various activities including pastoral events, sports matches, performing arts projects and much more.


There are 4 houses in the school, each of which is named after a "cross" around the village, and each house has its own identifying colour. The four houses are Stoop (purple), Waterford (pink), Chapel (blue) and Vicarage (green).


Children in each year are split between the 4 houses, although brothers and sisters are always placed in the same house. Every day the children can earn "house points" for good behaviour, excellent effort, outstanding achievement in any area and exhibiting the characteristics that we aim to promote in our pupils - being polite, responsible, independent, confident and resilient.


As children acquire house points, they are presented with bronze, sliver and gold house point badges for reaching 100, 200 and 300 house points respectively.


The House which achieves the highest number of House Points in total over the academic year are presented with the yearly House Point Shield.