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Broadhempston Village Primary School

COVID Warn and Inform

As most of you will know we currently have several children from school who have tested positive for Covid over the weekend.  Thank you to all of you who tested your children this morning. It would really support the school if you could continue to do this each morning this week to protect the children further.

After speaking to Public Health England today they have advised us to carry out the following enhanced procedures:-

Increase ventilation
Enhance cleaning regime
No large group activities 
Make as much use of the great outdoors as possible

We will be following this advice and have also made alterations to our lunch time arrangements
Packed lunch children will eat lunch in their own classroom,  School lunch children will be in the village hall sat in classes at well spaced tables.  

We have attached a Warn and Inform letter to both the COVid and Parents, Letters Home sections of the website which was forwarded to us from Public Health England today.  Please can we ask that parents/carers follow the guidance provided in this letter. 

If your child tests positive or you have any questions or queries please contact us by email 

Thank you for your continued support.