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Broadhempston Village Primary School

Important information and clarification re arrangements at the beginning of term

7th September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


Arrangements at the beginning of term – clarification


I am aware that this has not been the start we had all hoped for, but I am sure that the time taken to complete risk assessments and arrangements for getting the children safely into school, has been worth it.

There have been a number of questions which I hope I can answer and reassure you that we have everything covered!


Parents have been curious as to why the CIF bid and building works have gone ahead. Quite simply it was either do the works or loose the money which would allow this to happen. This decision was made by our Trust business and leadership team who are obviously aware of the impact this would have on the school. I realise this is highly inconvenient, but in the long term this will be great for the school. Please bear with us at this challenging time.


YEARS 4-6 Thursday & Fridays

Firstly, thank you for being so supportive with the arrangements for teaching years 4-6.



We have been listening! Myself, Therese and Miss Simpson have spent the afternoon trying to find a way of keeping all the children in Broadhempston village…I think we’ve managed it! With some super supportive parent help we have secured the village hall for Friday and on a Thursday, we can use the large meeting room and the outside space with gazebos. By 11am on a Thursday we’ll be back in the main village hall for lessons. I hope this will be more convenient for you all. This means that you will be able to drop off and pick up from the hall as on the other days. If the weather is bad we have a back up plan and will be able to use the outdoor classroom in the school playground.



The following may be a recap of information you have already received from either Mr Turner or Mr Medd last term.


Mrs Sue Cleverly will be teaching class 4. She joined the team last summer term and was appointed by Mr Medd. She is an experienced Key stage two teacher who has most recently worked at Bovey Tracey primary School.


Teachers for this Class will be Mrs Rachel Ley (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday mornings) and Mrs Anna Neville (Thursday morning). Rachel Ley comes to us from another academy within the Trust and over 10 years’ experience with KS2 children. Mrs Neville teaches at Landscove and also comes with a wealth of experience. Mrs Neville will stay on a Thursday afternoon and work with years 4-6 alongside Mrs Garner.

Year 4 will join years 5 and 6 in the afternoons with Mrs Cleverly and Mrs Garner.


Rest assured your children in key stage 2 will be in safe, inspiring hands!



The timetable for PE has changed due to the restricted use of the village hall on Thursdays and Fridays. To ensure your children get the very best from Mr Tanner, no matter the weather, Mr Tanner will now spend Tuesdays at Broadhempston. This will enable us to use the village hall should the weather not allow for outdoor PE. Mr Tanner will teach all year groups in the school and so as previously requested, we would ask that all children come to school in their PE kit on a Tuesday.


I think that’s it!


Many thanks for your support


Jill Ryder