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Broadhempston Village Primary School

Keyworker Definition - Urgent Request




Dear Parent / Carer,


We now understand a Key worker is defined by the Government as one of the following:


1) Members of the police force or police service support workers.

2) Members of the armed forces.

3) Doctors or nurses working within the NHS

4) Workers in the social care sector (ie care home worker)

5) Members of the fire and rescue service.

6) Members of the ambulance service

7) Administrators or members of support staff in the NHS, Fire service , Ambulance service or Armed Forces.

8) Civil contingency planners at a council

9) Key workers for power or water providers who are involved in emergency planning or response.

10) Any worker involved in the production of medical ventilators

11) Delivery Drivers working in essential supply chains


If you are not a key worker, there is no need for you to respond to this letter. You will not have a place in school for your child until further notice.


Please can you let the school know by email not 'phone,  based on this list, whether you and your partner fall into one of the above key worker categories. 

Also if you would like your child/ren to attend one of our 'open' schools 

These schools are:

  • Bearnes in Newton Abbot,
  • Cheriton Bishop for the Woodleigh Hub,
  • Harbertonford and Landscove for schools in the Totnes area,
  • Moretonhampstead for the Moorland primaries and
  • Otterton for Raleigh Schools.


These schools will be open from 8 am until 4 pm during normal term time.  

Arrangements for the Easter Holidays will be clarified later next week.


The staff at the schools will be drawn from the schools local to the 'open' setting, i.e. those that are not open. By using staff from more than one school we are able to keep the named schools open as our staffing numbers are already considerably depleted and could not be opened unless this arrangement is in place.


We are really aware that this is not ideal and some parents will have to drive children to the schools or organise lifts, which we will endeavour to help with. However we are doing our best to offer the best learning opportunity possible given the position we are in.


It would be helpful if you could do this by 12 noon on Friday 20th March to enable us to complete planning for Monday


Kind regards,

Nicky Dunford