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Broadhempston Village Primary School

September Opening - Letter from Nicky Dunford CEO

Wednesday 2nd September 2020 
Broadhempston September Opening 
Dear Parents and Carers, 
We are really pleased to be welcoming all the children back into Broadhempston Primary School on Monday 7th ( Tuesday 8th for Early Years) and would once again like to thank you for the support you have shown us over the very tricky months since March. 
There are some issues that have arisen very recently, that I feel you should all be made aware of, including the arrangements that ensure they are managed highly effectively for everyone.  
Firstly Mr Medd has been ill over the summer break and is not yet in a position to return to his role as the Academy Head at Broadhempston. As a result Jill Ryder, our very experienced Academy Head at Landscove will be overseeing Broadhempston throughout the period that Mr Medd is unwell. We have ensured she has support in both schools and we are in the process of appointing additional staff which we expect to be fully in place for the start of term. Jill will be sending a separate letter to inform you of the arrangements for children to return including all the information you will need to make the start of term successful. 
I would like you to know that Jill’s considerable expertise and experience will ensure a great start for all the children, I cannot wait to see all our schools buzzing again with great learning! 
The second issue is that we have won a Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bid for Broadhempston which will enable us to have all the electrical and heating systems upgraded, the value of which is in excess of £66,000. This will make a huge difference to the school as it provides a more professional learning space. 
Usually we are informed of the success of these bids in March which enables us to schedule contractors for the summer, however this year we were only informed after the summer break was underway which meant that many contractors were already committed. We have been very lucky to secure an experienced contractor that have been able to start this week. Obviously this will have an effect on our current very limited learning space as the project is likely to take five weeks to complete and so we have hired the village hall from now until October half term for all the available time they have. 
Currently we are working with the contractors to put together a tight schedule which will see us maintain great learning opportunities for our children while also getting the work completed. Unfortunately we are unable to delay as this fund is time limited and we have to provide evidence to ESFA that the grant has been spent according to the details of the application and within strict time limitations. 

Please rest assured we will have detailed risk assessments in place, pupils will not have access to the working spaces and the contractors will be expected to work within an agreed schedule. 
While this is not what we expected to happen and in an ideal world should have been completed while the children were on holiday, I know the outcome will be really worthwhile. Jill will keep you fully informed over the coming weeks as things progress.  
I hope you all had a lovely summer break, albeit a bit wet at times!  We look forward to seeing all the children back and enjoying their learning and their friends next week. 
Kind regards, Nicky Dunford CEO