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Broadhempston Village Primary School

Strategic Statement

Strategic statement


Overarching strategy:


To sustain the school’s viability and identity for the future of the village children and the community as a whole.


Guiding principles:


  • The school is inclusive in its welcome to children, staff and the community
  • All children should develop a long-lasting and positive attitude to learning success
  • The health and well-being of children and staff is of paramount importance


To achieve our objectives of sustainability and inclusivity in the next three to five years the Governing Board will


  • Monitor progress of all pupil groups, ensuring that pupils are able to participate in every aspect of school life
  • Increase community participation in school life and vice versa
  • Work closely with current and future partners to maintain financial viability
  • Ensure a secure future for the school by taking it into a viable partnership



December 2018