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Class 3 homework (Year 4 and 5) - 25th May 2018


We have spent the last couple of weeks looking at human impacts and conservation of endangered species. You all produced some great informative pieces of writing on your chosen endangered species.


Up next, you will be designing a zoo enclosure for your endangered species. This will link the science you have recently been taught with a large proportion of the maths you have been taught this year. In order to complete this work in class, when we get back, I need you to start to think about what your chosen animal would need in its enclosure, to look and feel like it was in its natural habitat.


You need to research and make notes/collect pictures that will help you to design your enclosure.


Think about the following:


  • Their natural habitat - what is it like?
  • What do they normally eat? Are they a top predator? How will you replicate hunting for food?
  • What will you place in the enclosure as enrichment (things that will keep the animal occupied)?
  • Will they need a hiding place?
  • Do they need to live alone or with others of the same species?


You will need to bring this information with you on the first Thursday back after half term (7th June 2018).


It would also be worth revisiting and making sure you remember how to calculate area and perimeter.


Please remember to keep on working on those multiplication tables also!!!!!


Have a great half term and make sure you all stay safe.


I will see you in a week!


Mr T

Class 3 homework - Year 4 and 5 - 11th May 2018 (2 weeks)


We are currently learning about how humans had an impact on the population of dodos that once existed, in less than 100 years this species became extinct because of these actions. 


I would like you to research the IUCN red list and choose an endangered or critically endangered species that you would like to produce a piece of work on.  Make sure you collect information on this animal as well as some pictures to use in your work.


Why not think about the following?


  • What is their natural habitat?
  • How many of your chosen species are left?
  • Why are they endangered/critically endangered?
  • What is being done to help the species?


Obviously if you find out any fun facts include these in your research.


You need to bring this information to class with you on Thursday 17th May 2018.


Have a good weekend!


Mr T

Maths homework - due in 29th March 2018


Year 4 and 5


I would like you to complete the worksheets given to you on equivalent fractions. We have been learning about this in class over the last couple of lessons and I would now like you to practise this skill at home. If you need any more information make sure you check out the KS2 Bitesize website -


Please also make sure you are learning and revising your multiplication tables, I can not stress how important this is for you to understand upcoming lessons.


Year 6


We are going to start to look at multiplication of decimals in lessons next week. The worksheets you have for homework will show me your understanding of this area as well as any areas that require development. If you need any extra help please check out the KS2 Bitesize website -


Please also make sure you are learning and revising your multiplication tables, I can not stress how important this is for you to understand upcoming lessons.


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will see you on Monday!


Mr T



Year 4 and 5 English homework - due in Monday 26th March 2018


'Big' write preparation 


Next week we will be using an image (see homework sheet) to inspire us in some story writing. You will need to look carefully at the provided image and talk about your ideas with someone at home. You will need to answer the questions on the sheet and use the planning tool on the back of the image, to start planning your story.


It is really important that this homework is completed and with you in school on Monday 26th March 2018 so that you can start writing your amazing story.


There will be no spelling test this week as you will be having your big spelling test next week. Don't forget to brush up on some of those more difficult spellings!


Mr T

Year 6 English homework - due in Tuesday 27th March 2018


Next week we will be completing one of our 'Big' writes. I would like you to look at the following website and choose an image that you would like to base your story around. I have given you a basic planning sheet to jot down some of your ideas and to get you thinking about the image and where your story might take you. It would also be a good idea to talk your ideas through with someone at home.


It is really important that this homework is completed and brought in to school next Tuesday (27th March 2018), you will need all this information to write your amazing story.


Happy image hunting!


Mr T


P.S. There will be no spelling test this week as you will have a big spelling test next week!



What have we been upto recently?

Homework - 9th March 2018


Another great week for Class 3 - some photos to follow!


Year 4 




You have had a good week looking at fractions and brushing up your skills. For homework this week I would like you to complete the worksheets 'Fractions' and 'Fractions 2'. This will need to be brought to your maths lesson on Thursday 15th March.


Spellings: Test 16/03/18


  • unhappy
  • happier
  • happiest
  • happily
  • happiness
  • believe
  • unbeliever
  • disbelieve
  • belief
  • believing


Year 5




It's time to test your date handling skills. I would like you to try my space mission 'Healthy Hearts' worksheet. Make sure you bring your answers to class in Thursday 15th March.


Spellings: 16/03/18


These can be found in your pink books - Ms Steer has stuck them in there for you!!


Year 6




It's time to start getting in some SATs preparation! I would like you to complete your Arithmetic Set A paper and your Reasoning 1 Set A paper. This can be done as an open book test, meaning you can use any resources to help you find the answers (except calculators). Be sure to bring your papers with you to the maths lesson on Thursday 15th March.


Spellings: 16/03/18


  • autograph
  • biography
  • paragraph
  • photography
  • graphic
  • sign
  • signature
  • design
  • assign
  • signal
  • insignificant
  • resignation





Class 3 - Weekly round up and Homework (week ending 23/02/18)


It  has been another busy week in Class 3! The children have been learning about what makes a good poem and have then produced some fantastic pieces on rivers. In science we have been looking into the process of Global Warming and its effect on the Earth and are now starting our mini projects. We have all been busy in maths looking at fractions (Year 4 and 6) and using statistics (Year 5). To round the week off we have also all had a fantastic morning swimming - next week should be fun for Group 1 (Liz's group) as they will be doing water safety and will need to wear their pyjamas in the pool!


Homework for this week -




There are a number of different games, quizzes and information sections on KS2 Bitesize ( to do with fractions. It would be great if you could all get online and have a look at this really useful website, you might just find something that really helps you over the next couple of lessons.


Please all continue to learn your multiplication tables - these are a really important skill in maths in general however it is even more important to know them when doing fractions.




I would like you all to continue to research Global Warming. Remember that on Thursday you will be completing your project pieces on this subject. It would be useful if you could plan what you are going to do on Thursday, including the questions you would like to answer and an idea of the answers to them. Remember we discussed that you might like to think about the following (but you could go in a completely different direction):


  • What is Global Warming?
  • What is causing Global Warming?
  • What does Global Warming Cause?
  • How can we prevent Global Warming?
  • Who does Global Warming impact?
  • Why is Global Warming happening?
  • Where do the greenhouse gases go?
  • What are the greenhouse gases?


These are just some of the questions you might like to answer - I bet you can think of more? Possibly more interesting ones? It is your project so make it interesting and informative.


Spellings (test 02/03/18)


Year 4


  • international
  • intergalactic
  • intertwine
  • interrupt
  • intercept
  • intervene
  • interject
  • antibiotic
  • antidote
  • antihero


Year 6


  • antiseptic
  • anticlockwise
  • antisocial
  • transport
  • translate
  • transaction
  • transparent
  • television
  • telescope
  • telephone
  • telepathy
  • circumstance
  • circumference


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning!


Mr T

Class 3 update/homework - due in 08/02/18


Thank you all for another great week in school, it has been fantastic and filled with activities.


Year 6 have been trying to work out if Freddie the frog will ever escape the well, Year 5 have been working hard using a number of different approaches to statistics and Year 4 have been looking at the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.


As well as all of this maths we have also completed a science practical on different insulators and recorded some great results - it has been a joy to watch you all working scientifically.


Swimming was also great and it was clear how much effort you have all been putting in over the last couple of weeks - it is really starting to show!!


Keep up the fantastic work Class 3!!




There are two main things I would like you to all to look at this week for homework:


Spellings: due 08/02/18


Remember you will have a statutory word spelling test on Thursday. Please look at your last set of spelling results (these should be on the fridge at home) and make sure you ready to be assessed on these again. You have all improved since we started the year, which is great to see and I hope this continues.


Multiplication tables:


It is really important that you all brush up on your multiplication tables before we start our next set of topics in maths. Please see below for a list of which ones you should know off by heart.


Year 4:


4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables


Year 5/6:


All times tables up to and including 12.


The better you know these the easier the next couple of topics in maths will be.



Have a great weekend and be safe!


Mr T

Class 3 homework - week ending 25/01/18


Class 3 have had another great week with lots going on both in and out of the classroom. Meter reads are still being taken in school, both morning and night, to see if the children have managed to reduce our energy usage. I must say that some good energy saving ideas have been put in place.


For homework this week you need to do the following:


Spellings - remember Year 5 yours are in your pink books from Ms Steer - Due 2nd February 2018


Year 4 - homophones


  • scene
  • seen
  • mail
  • male
  • bawl
  • ball
  • your
  • you're
  • were
  • where
  • we're


And a couple of bonus spellings:


  • natural
  • peculiar
  • straight


Year 6 - words ending in - cial and -tial


  • commercial
  • glacial
  • facial
  • social
  • financial
  • preferential
  • residential
  • influential
  • substantial


And a couple of bonus spellings:


  • correspond
  • recommend
  • immediately


Maths/science: Due in 2nd February 2018


For homework last week you were asked to take electricity meter readings in the morning and evening at home. I would like you to use these readings for this weeks homework. I would like you to:


  • Look at your readings and your daily usage - are there any days where you use more electricity? Can you think of a reason why?
  • Ask someone at home if you can look at your last electricity bill, try and find how much each kWh (unit) costs. Can you work out how much you have spent on electricity in your household this week?
  • Its time to save energy!!! I would like you to design an informative poster highlighting ways that you can save energy, both at home and in school. I would like you to use these posters in school to inform the other year groups how to help us save energy.


Also Miss Shooter has asked me to remind you about your English homework


English: Due in 29th January 2018


Please see attached document - make sure you complete this as it is important for your 'Big' write next week.

English homework - Due in 29/01/18

Class 3 Homework - Due in Friday 26th January 2018


Well done this week Class 3! It has been a great week filled with lots of activities.


For homework this week:


  • Learn your spellings ready for next Fridays spelling test. Please see list of words below (if you are Year 5 you have them in your pink books from Ms Steer)


Year 6 - words ending in '-cial' and '-tial'












As well as 3 bonus words:






Year 4














  • In science we have been looking at saving energy, this has included us looking at electricity meter readings in school. I would like you to read your electricity meters at home (with adult supervision) in the morning and evening of each day (Saturday thru Thursday) and write these down. Can you work out how much electricity you are using per day in your home? Can you think of ways you could reduce the amount of energy you are using? Bring your results and ideas to Science on Friday 26th January 2018.


Have a great weekend!


Mr T


Hockey Team win Bronze at Devon Winter Games


On Wednesday 1st March 2017 the Year 5 and 6 Hockey team attended the Devon Winter Games. It was a tough tournament to get to and many games had been played prior to this event to earn them a place.


Teams from throughout Devon converged at Torbay Leisure Centre to win a place in the final. Throughout the day the team played some fantastic games and with a number of wins to their name, made their way through to the semi-finals.


The team were drawn against Trinity in the semi-finals, a game that we played extremely well in. However, due to a last minute goal Trinity won the game 1-0 and secured their place in the final. 


Broadhempston then found themselves in the 3rd place play offs. This game saw the team give 100% and secured a 3-0 win over St. Andrews. The team were awarded the bronze medal - a great achievement when you look at the number of teams across Devon who entered. 


Well done Year 5 and 6 Hockey Team on your success!!



Class 3 Art Exhibition


Class 3 have produced some fantastic pieces of art this term which are now on display in the village shop during March/April.


Please do go and have a look at the children's creations.













Class 3 Spring Term 2017 Programme of Work

History: Tudor Timeline


Class 3 have been constructing Tudor Timelines in history.





Science Fun: Battle of the beaks


Class 3 are currently doing a research task around discoveries made by Charles Darwin during his expeditions.


This week has seen children building beaks and battling it out to see which size beak can collect the most food. The data collected will then be analysed in order to decide if beak size helps or hinders survival.





Hockey League 2016


A number of children in Class 3 have been taking part in a local Hockey League.  The League is held on a Monday evening and will run for 5 weeks with a number of local primary school teams involved. It is a great opportunity for children to develop their team game and leadership skills.


The Broadhempston Hockey Team 2016


Week 1


Great start to the League with a number of key wins. The children formed two teams and played a total of 6 games including one against each other. It was great to see the children getting involved in the spirit of the game and having a fantastic time.


Week 2


Another good evening of hockey had by all. Broadhempston A secured a couple of key wins to take them to second in the league, whilst Broadhempston B also took points away from key games. It was great to see the children working as a team and helping each other out. There were a couple of nail biting moments which had the crowd on the edge of their 'seats'.







London Trip 2016


Class 3 spent two exciting days in London at the end of September. During their visit they had many adventures including a guided tour of the Golden Hinde, a trip to the theatre to see Aladdin and a tour of the Tower of London, which included seeing the Crown Jewels.


The children are currently using the information and knowledge gained in both English and Maths lessons to produce projects that include recounts and a cost analysis.


Both children and staff had a fantastic time and can't wait to do it again.






Year 4, 5 and 6 Programme of work - Autumn term 2016

Welcome to Class 3!


Welcome back!! I hope you have all had a fantastic summer and are ready for the exciting year ahead. Please come back and check this page regularly as it will be updated with information and photos throughout the year.


Class 3 2016-2017