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Birch 2022 EYFS/Yr1/Yr2

Welcome to Birch class page. We are a class of EYFS( Reception), Year one and Year two children who share a great classroom and even better outside space at the back of the school. The class teacher is Mrs. Potter who works full time to oversee the three year groups. Miss Tarsky & Ms. Cannon support the class with Ms Cannon supporting EYFS each day.
On Wednesday and Friday afternoons Miss Steer also supports our class. 
Mrs. Richardson who works with the class on Wednesday afternoons and Mr. Tanner teaches PE on Tuesday mornings.
We look forward to posting lots of amazing photos on here so you can see what we are up to.
Our first day of school
This is what Maths looks like in Birch class in September. Everyone has really enjoyed using practical equipment to show their learning.
Today Birch class had a visit from Rosie at Dartmoor zoo. As part of our Science topic of Animals including humans we are learning to classify animals. We were able to get up close to sticks insects, giant African land snails, and a bearded dragon. Rosie helped us to understand which animals go into which group. Then this afternoon we started to make posters to show what we have learnt.
Forest school fun. What a great day we have had a forest school. Everyone got stuck in and had a go at all the activities. We saw great turn taking, team work, imagination and creativity.
Day one of Arts Week. Birch class were learning about Andy Goldsworth's art with natural materials then they had a go at their own. What a wonderful job they did too. We also spent some time leaf rubbing and painting our Autumn backgrounds.
Arts week day two. Today we were leaf printing with inks and rollers. Everyone produced great pieces of work once again.
Day three of Arts week. Today we had a go at black monoprints using carbon paper and also colourful monoprints by tracing and using pastles on the back.
Day four and five of Arts week. Birch class used a screen printer to create a Christmas card.
Year one and two trip to Occombe farm to launch our Geography trip -Why is it important where our food comes from?
We had another great Forest school session led by Ms. Cannon. This time we made damper bread, Christmas decorations and leaf garlands. In the afternoon when we had free play the children made dens, used the charcoal made on the camp fire, and clay creatures.
EYFS made bread rolls. After reading the story of The Little Red Hen bread rolls were chosen to be make. Unlike in the story lots of team work and helpful hands were seen in this group activity.
Buddy time. We love it when the buddies are able to come and read and spend time with the children in the EYFS.
Shine, star shine -Our Nativity Show. What a great job everyone did!
Year one and two DT smoothie making. The children taste tested bought smoothies and reviewed their packaging. They then designed their own label, selected their fruit, peeled and chopped, make their own smoothies and tasted them. They ended the unit by evaluating their own smoothie. 
More great learning in EYFS. Look how busy we have been.
Year one and two went out on a scavenger hunt in Science. Our current unit is Living things and their habitats so we went out to see if we could find anything that was 'alive' 'dead' 'had never been alive'.
February Forest school. We made pancakes, bird feeder, clay hedgehogs, gnomes, learnt to tie knots and made dens for the dragons. Lots of great team work, perseverance, kindness and independence seen throughout the day. 
In English we are learning  facts about Rosa Parks so we can work towards writing our own fact files. We started off by writing a list of questions that we would like to find out about Rosa.
Then  years one and two worked together in pairs to find out significant facts in this fact file. Great partner work in Birch class as always.
Our new DT unit is puppet making and year one and two children are very keen to get started. We have looked at lots of different types of puppets that are already made, from string puppets to sock puppets to stick puppets. This week we made paper finger puppets, next week we are sewing finger puppets and the following week we are sewing glove puppets.
In Maths this week the children have really got stuck in with 'measurement'. Year one children have been measuring with cubes and then centimetre rulers. Year two started measuring with centimetres rulers then a meter ruler.
Wow! Great finger puppets made by Year one and two children. 
To finish off Science week the children participated in the 'Skittles colour' experiment followed by an Environmental workshop in the Science dome. Lots of keen scientists in our class now.