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Sycamore Class Y3/Y4

2023 - 2024

Sycamore Class
Reading for pleasure is key to maintaining a child’s appetite for books, learning and improving reading ability. Children who are immersed in a ‘reading for pleasure’ culture from an early age are far more likely to transition to secondary school with a bedrock of literacy ability and enquiring minds. Please click on this link for a recommended reading list for different age groups: Primary School Reading Lists for Children aged 3-11  
Sycamore class really enjoyed their first RE lesson learning about the Christian creation story. They spent time in nature, looking really closely at what was around them and took some wonderful photos on the IPads. They then created a page in their books entitled 'Our Wonderful World'. We definitely have some budding photographers in the class!
Sycamore class had a blast in their afternoon music session with kip. The children all played 2 instruments each as well as singing during the session. We are definitely in for a treat on Friday with the performance.
Sycamore class really enjoyed creating waves out of clay in our art lesson. They used scrunched up paper to prevent the wave collapsing while it dried. I thinik these will look incredible once they are painted next week. Great skills Sycamore!
Sycamore class expertly painted their clay waves and we were all rather impressed with how they turned out! They mixed some fabulous colours!
Sycamore class made some fabulous sculptures to end their art unit. They enjoyed the freedom of creating a sculpture of their choice and certainly showed bucket loads of creativity!
What a fantastic morning! Sycamore class had a stone age visitor who taught them so much about the stone age period. They learnt all about early man and different human species. They learnt about the first use of fire, tools and how the stone age would hunt and stay warm. Role playing hunting was a fun game. Sycamore class were enthusiastic and asked brilliant questions!