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Sycamore Class Y3/Y4 2022-2023

Sycamore's learning 2022 - 2023
PSHE - What makes a nightmare school and what makes a dream school?
Lots of place value practice in maths!
A fantastic day at forest school - September 22nd 2022

A fantastic day at forest school. We started the day with making little houses for a small imaginary character. There was an extra challenge to build the house off the ground! The children worked so well together showing reciprocity and were amazingly resilient when structures fell down! I was very impressed with their resourcefulness and creativity. The children then worked on creating Roman coil pots out of clay, did a bit of water colour painting and created some fabulous natural collages. The afternoon was full of den building and the opening of several hotels and airbnbs! Payment was in either seeds or leaves! A fantastic day had by all!
Arts week - printing rangoli patterns using polysterene blocks, block printing using string and creating Rangoli patterns out of coloured rice!
Arts week - screen printing with Sandra and creating mini sketch books inspired by the artist’s work.
RE - Hindu gods - silent debate.  I know . . . I guess . . . I wonder . . .
Marvin and Milo - English unit hook
Investigating magnets. The children started off by exploring and playing with the magnets. They then moved on to investigating whether bigger magnets are stronger than smaller magnets. 
Roman Workshop - Life as a Roman Soldier!
Science investigation - which coins are magnetic?
Gymnastics lessons in PE
DT - The children found out about Roman catapaults and how they were made. They then set about investigating how to make their own catapault. The children designed these and then made them before trying them out to see how successful they were. 
Sycamore Class worked really well in groups building paper towers that needed to be strong enough to hold a tin of food. The children reflected on our 4 learning powers as they worked on the challenge. They needed reflectiveness, resilience, reciprocity and resourcefulness in abundance to successfully complete complete the challenge!
Sycamore class were fascinated by this wasp nest which was kindly brought in by the grandparents of some of our students. We were surprised at just how large it was and how hard the wasps must have worked to build it! An excellent example of reciprocity - one of learning behaviours
Sycamore class had a fantastic time at Kents Cavern, walking in the footsteps of stone age people. We found out that Kents Cavern is the only place in the world where three different human species have lived, leaving behind bones and stone tools as evidence. On the woodland palaeo trail we also found out about woolly mammoths and cave bears.
An inspiring live lesson with the 3 engineers. The highlight being the live reading of their book - The Adventures of Scout, Stop Dropping Litter.  A perfect intro to our poetry unit on plastic pollution. 
Making fossils in science.
Sycamore practised their sewing and learnt how to do a running stitch and whip stich. They then designed and made these fantastic pencil cases!
Sycamore Class really enjoyed learning about digestion, they started their learning in the science dome. They found out what happens in your body as soon as you have eaten something. This was demonstrated by using different foods, water and even dry ice!
Sycamore class enjoyed a visit with Hilary from the local Church. SHe brought with her a Simnel cake, Hot cross buns and an Easter Egg to represent three important days over Easter!
Sycamore Class have enjoyed taking their science learning outside, they were searching for different habitats in the playground and around the Village Hall.
We  had a silent debate in RE, looking at and reflecting on a whole range of different pieces of artwork on the Pentecost. The children noticed some really interesting things in the photos and asked some thoughtful questions.
LS Lowery artwork
In Sycamore Class we are looking at the artist LS Lowery, the children had to choose a person from one of his paintings and and use different tools to create it, they included glue dabbers, fingers, paint brushes and cotton wool buds. The class really looked at the colours they needed to use and how they had to focus on what they were copying.
May 2023
In Science this week, we were looking at how we can classify different insects, we created observational drawings just like Charles Darwin did. We learnt how to scale up a picture and finished off by using water colour paints to make it look realistic.
Sycamore class have been learning how to edit digit photos. They learnt how to crop, rotate, change the lighting, clone and combine photos. They surprised me with their understanding and skill of such an advanced topic! They also had a lot of fun combining photos and adding animals into unusual backgrounds.
Sycamore class had a busy day at forest school. They collected leaves and identified which trees they were from; created beautiful fabric from hammering leaves and flowers onto material and even did some landscape watercolour painting.  The afternoon was full of den making and role play. During this session they created a spa and tatoo parlour using natural resources!
Viking long ships
Sycamore Class were set the challenge of making their own Viking boat, they could make it out of anything they wanted and then bring it into school to share with the class. They all did an amazing job and were full of compliments about each others' long ships.
Landscape pictures in the style of LS Lowery
In art we created our final landscape pictures in the style of LS Lowery, we used water-colour paint and used different shades of colour to create the foreground, middle-ground and background. 
Science - Plants -  Summer Term
This half term we have started a new unit all about Plants. during our first lesson the children had to work in groups and plan an investigation into growing beetroot. Some groups put their seeds in the dark and some in the light, we now need to remember to water them and wait and see what happens!
Wildwise Sycamore Camping Trip
The first afternoon involved our first trip into the forest with a focus on using all their senses to connect more deep;y with nature. The children's first activity focused on smell and involved creating feely boxes using 2 secret words they had been given. Once the groups had found small items for their feely boxes, other groups then had a go at guessing the secret words! Their next activity focused on sight and the children's challenge was to colour match a variety of swatches with natural items in the forest. We ended our walk with a cocktail party! The children created a cocktail of smells and then shared them with each other. Was wonderful to see the children connecting with nature!
After a very successful meal of pasta and vegetable sauce cooked on the fire the children played some games - wink murder, splat and guess the animal to name a few. We then started a sunset walk, which began with listening for bats. As we wondered into the woods we huddled into a quiet group on the forest floor while Tom used his thumbs and mouth to create an owl call. After several minutes of warning calls from many birds in the forest we were rewarded with both a male and female owl responding to the calls! We even heard the juvenile birds calling to their parents. This was a truly magical experience. 
Before we even had breakfast we were taken for a dawn walk. Tom dropped one child off at a time with a mat to sit in a sit spot to connect with the morning sounds in the forest. The children were given a postacrd and a pencil and encouraged to draw the sounds they heard using lines or wiggles.  Here are some of the children' response afterwards to this 10 minutes of solitary time in nature - 
" refreshing and calming"
"I felt like I was home"
"I felt really happy"
"calm and peaceful"
As we wandered back through the woods we were supposed to find a gift from the forest pixies - a huge basket of fruit!
Our final forest activities were focused on creativity! Firstly the children took photos in pairs - they did this by leading their partner with eyes closed to a part of the clearing and then the partner would open their eyes for 3 before closing them again. They would then be led to another place until they had 3 photos in their mind. The children then drew the images from their mind and created a forest gallery.
The second activity involved choosing a tree in a group. Each group member suggested words to describe the tree frm different perspectives / positions. Theses words were then put into a poem and performed to the rest of the group. We certainly have some budding poets amongst us!
Sycamore Class have been looking into the history of Broadhempston, they have used books and the internet to research what it was like in times gone by. After gathering information they worked in pairs to create a presentation all about Broadhempston.