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School Sport

Sports at Broadhempston Village Primary School

In our school and across the academy, we believe PE and sports contribute to our pupils well being and social development, working together co-operatively and as part of a team, but most importantly to their physical development.

It is our belief that the skills they acquire in primary school should be skills for life and we endeavour to develop a love of sports throughout the children's time in our schools.
We benefit from the expert skills of a PE specialist, Mr Matt Tanner, who works across our Trust delivering high quality PE lessons and enabling staff to gain from professional development by teaching alongside our expert.

Active Playtimes

Subject to weather, the children spend all of their recreation time at Kings Close playground. Here they are able to play on a range of equipment including swings, monkey bars and climbing frames.

Following suggestions from our Pupil Forum, there is now a "focus sport" run on the playground during break and lunch times. This changes each day and includes different activities allowing children to develop their fitness, skills and game play. Older children act as leaders to organise the equipment, arrange teams and officiate. All children who wish to participate are able to do so, irrespective of age or ability.