"Since joining Broadhempston Primary School her education has come on leaps and bounds, the staff are all so friendly and welcoming. We can't praise the school and staff enough. She looks forward to going to school every morning which is such a positive thing, making it a fantastic experience . I highly recommend Broadhempston Primary 100%" If you would like to visit our school please contact our Administrator Therese on 01803812689 / adminbroadhempston@thelink.academy

Birch Class 2023-2024

Welcome to Birch class page. We are a class of EYFS (Reception), Year one and Year two children who share a great classroom and even better outside space at the back of the school. The class teacher is Miss Clements, Miss Tarsky supports EYFS each day and Miss Mason is also in class two days a week. Mr. Tanner teaches PE on Tuesday mornings and our second PE session is on a Wednesday afternoon. 
Our class performance of 'Straw and Order' for the Christmas Nativity was a huge success, every child learnt their lines, sang the songs and acted brilliantly, they all made themselves and the school very proud.
In maths this week year 1 and 2 have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, year 1 had to make shapes out of play dough and year 2 have been making shapes using lollypop sticks. They have continued their learning by sorting shapes into different groups and have learnt about faces and vertices. 
Birch Class had a fantastic time at Forest School last Friday, the weather was on their side and they spent the day taking parts in lots of activities. They included, making necklaces using foraged wood from the forest, the children even had a go at sawing their own ornaments for their necklaces laced in string. Another popular activity was looking for wildlife, they had to search through the woodland to find photos of different woodland animals. One of the year ones said 'playing outside in the trees with the pinecones was so much fun!'.
Forest School would not have been complete without a fire and marshmallow toasting which everyone found very yummy, a great day was had by the whole class!
All of Birch Class have been enjoying their Spanish lessons, this week they have been learning about colours and pets. They have been singing lots of songs and saying new words they have learnt.
Year 1 and 2 have started a new book this week, it is called 'No-bot the Robot'. To help the children learn the story they have been creating story maps, they all drew very detailed pictures which they then went and shared with Reception.
Year 1 and 2 could not believe it when Mrs Talbot told them they could draw on the tables! They all made story maps and shared their story plans - they sound fantastic!
Year 1 and 2 had a brilliant time at Bygones, they learnt about toys of the past and even dressed up as Victorian Children!
In Art we have been studying Picasso and his famous self-portraits. We worked to carefully draw our own facial features using pencils, charcoal, chalks and pastels and then arranged them in any way we chose. Check out the results!
Year 2 have been getting hands on in maths this week as they set about measuring things in metres. 
Birch have loved welcoming our parents and carers in for our new Book Club! 
The children shared their favourite books from school with their grown ups, showed them how to play Phonics Bug on the big screen and some grown ups even brought their own favourite stories to share with us. 
We loved it! It takes place every Monday at 3:15 - do come and join us. 
Year 1 and 2 have worked very hard on their assembly, which we shared with parents and the rest of the school this week. The children did so well learning lines, speaking confidently and singing. 
Well done Birch! 
This week in Geography KS1 have been learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. We know the names of them very well, but were challenged with matching the names to the pictures...it was trickier than it looked. 
This afternoon, Year 1 and 2 were joined by Rachel from the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. She spoke to the children about fire prevention and safety. The children listened carefully and asked a great selection of mature questions. 
Stuck! This week the children in KS1 have been innovating the Oliver Jeffers story - Stuck by thinking of all of the things that could get stuck down a drain! Next week, they will begin to write their own stories based on this book - I can't wait to hear all of their imaginative ideas. 
EYFS got hands on this week in PSHE making a fruit salad when learning about keeping their brains and bodies healthy. They all worked very carefully to cut the fruit and explore different textures and flavours. 
KS1 have been learning about linkages and levers in their DT unit this half term. On Thursday, they got crafty with Miss Tarsky and finished their final designs!
Time for chocolate! 
This afternoon, Birch class worked together on a science week experiment, investigating the time it took for different chocolates to melt. We tested milk, white, dark and vegan chocolate - with some very interesting results! Of course, we couldn't let the chocolate go to waste after the experiment so we turned it into crispy dinosaur eggs - yum! 
We were so lucky to have had excellent weather for our Summer term forest school session. The children spent the day climbing trees, making dens, creating clay nature faces, completing a wildlife hunt, helping to light the fire before making popcorn and roasting marshallows! Phew! What a great end to our first week back at school. 
In our Science unit (Animals - including humans) KS1 have been learning about all the different animal groups. This week we learnt about reptiles and showcased our learning by making factual posters. Check them out!
To help us answer our big question - Are all animals the same? EYFS took a trip to Buckfastleigh Butterfly Farm and Otter Sanctuary. The children were brilliant and spent the day asking very thoughtful questions and observing the animals closely
This week KS1 have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Hannukah. In class we made dreidels and decorated menorah candlesticks.
This week, KS1 in Birch have applied their History learning in Computing and created 'WANTED' posters for Sir Francis Drake. In this computing unit, they have learnt to log in, use capital letters, change fonts and use the bold, italic and underline functions - as well as adding a picture from the internet!
Our EYFS adventurers were out again this week at Stover Park. Our ranger took us pond dipping and minibeast hunting and we learnt lots about animals and insects that live in the woodland. After a much needed picnic lunch, we set off for some more exploring, duck feeding, tree climbing and flower headband making. The children behaved impeccably, as always, and were a real credit to our school. 
Marvellous Maths!
Check out these amazing posters, created by our Year 1's who are learning about counting in 5's. We looked at 5's that we find in nature and on our bodies and represented these using images. 
Our Year 2 mathematicians have been learning all about Statistics in their latest maths unit. This week, they have created these great block diagrams, based on questions that they asked the other children in Birch. Well done Year 2 - they look great!
Some sneaky sharing! Reception have been learning about sharing in maths and last week, they got to share a packet of biscuits and lots of chocolate chips! The only rule was, that they had to share fairly. They showed a great understanding of sharing equally and got to have a little munch too! Great work EYFS!
What a morning Birch had at Dyno Climb! The children took part in a bouldering and climbing session led by fantastic instructors. Each and every child pushed themselves way past their comfort zone and climbed higher or faster than they initially believed they could. We couldn't be more proud!
Today KS1 took part in an NSPCC Speak up assembly. The children learnt about how to Speak up for themselves if they experience one of five types of harm - these included: bullying, hitting, hurting feelings, privates not being private and not being looking after. We discussed who their safe adults would be and made posters advertising the NSPCC and Childline for others around school. 
Wear Yellow for Cystic Fibrosis - 2024!
The children in Birch all helped out for our school picnic by creating some beautifully designed yellow biscuits. Reception used their knowledge of sharing equally to make some fruit and vegetable kebab sticks. 
They all went down a treat! 
Sporting Superstars! 
The children in Birch did an amazing job at showing off their sporting skills during Sports Day 2024! They took part in a variety of events, smiling, cheering one another on and trying their best. 
They did themselves, Mr Tanner, myself and the school (and I'm sure their parents too) very proud! 
Once back in school, the children wrote letters thanking Mr Tanner for all of his effort in putting the day together. 
Buddy learning in Maths
This week, Year 2 and Reception are both learning position and direction. Today, Year 2 were tasked with using their knowledge and understanding to teach EYFS how to use the Beebots. 
They did an excellent job, with Year 2 showing great subject knowledge and patience - we have some budding teachers in the making! 
Year 2 worked outside to give one another directions using the language of position, direction and turns. The children worked hard to relate their understanding of left and right to clockwise and anti-clockwise turns. 
Stay and Play
Today we met the children that will join Birch class in September! We showed them around our classroom and introduced them to some of the games and activities that we enjoy at school. We can't wait to have them back again next week. 
In Design Technology, the children have been looking at structures and were tasked with designing and making baby bear's chair. They chose from 3 different design options and worked independently to design and make their finished chair. Along the way, they tested out the strength of their structure before putting it to the final '10 second' test at the end! Not all of the chairs were successful and we discussed the features of those that were and how we could make improvements to those that weren't. 
Well, a little rain didn't stop us on our trip to Wembury beach today. The children were amazing as we travelled all the way down to Wembury to...hunt for animals in the rockpools, complete some Geography fieldwork of the area and of course...stop for ice cream! A massive thank you to Broadhempston Primary School PTFA for funding the ice creams as a little end of year treat! The children could not believe it!